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ATP Certification Training Program Airline Training with Full-Motion Simulator Experience

Included in your Airline Career Pilot Program is the Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program (ATP CTP). Completion of the course is required to fly as an airline pilot, and the higher level of qualifications you'll gain by attending opens more career opportunities than possible through any other flight school, FBO, or academy. Airlines and corporate operators will hire only the most qualified pilot applicants, and you will be ready with this ATP-exclusive benefit.

Get the Competitive Edge with FAA-Approved 14 CFR Part 142 Airline Training

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ATP CTP OverviewExperience & Training that Accelerates Your Career

In preparation for the Airline Transport Pilot certificate, students in the Airline Career Pilot Program attend ATP CTP at ATP Jets in Dallas, TX.

Full-Motion Flight Simulator

Fly six hours in a full-motion Airbus or Boeing simulator while receiving instruction from airline pilots on stalls, upset recovery, and adverse weather conditions.

FAA-Approved CFR 14 Part 142 Training

FAA-approved CFR 14 part 142 airline training with 30 hours of instructor-led virtual ground school covering air carrier operations, leadership, crew resources management (CRM), and more.

Required to Fly as an Airline Pilot

Airline pilots must hold an Airline Transport Pilot certificate, earned at 1,500 hours of flight time. The ATP CTP is a required step in achieving this certificate, and by completing this course, you will stand out to recruiters as a more qualified, airline-ready pilot.

Ready for the ATM Knowledge Test

After completing the ATP CTP, you will meet the prerequisite for taking the ATM knowledge test required by the Airline Transport Pilot certificate.

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100 Hour Multi-Engine Option Complete the Airline Career Pilot Program with 100 Multi-Engine Hours

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What's Included ATP CTP Details & Itinerary



Days 1-4

Ground School

From your home, attend 30 hours of instructor-led virtual ground school on aerodynamics, high altitude operations, air carrier operations, weather phenomena and weather detection systems, leadership, professional development, crew resource management, and safety culture. Ground school start time is 0800.
Day 5


FTD training will include 4 hours of training in a fixed-base training device, with instruction on navigation, flight management systems, and automation.
Days 6-7


Simulator training includes a total of 6 hours in a full-motion simulator, either an Airbus or Boeing simulator, with instruction on low energy states/stalls, upset recovery techniques, and adverse weather conditions. Airline training centers operate 24/7. Expect your simulator session to be scheduled any time of day or night, just like airline training.


Ground School

From your home, attend 30 hours of instructor-led virtual ground school on:

  1. Aerodynamics (8 hours)
  2. Meteorology (2 hours)
  3. Air Carrier Operations (14 hours)
  4. Leadership & CRM (6 hours)

FSTD Training

4 hours of fixed-base training device (FSTD) training will include:

  • Navigation and flight management systems
  • Automation including autoflight

Full Flight Simulator Training

6 hours of full flight simulator, either an Airbus or Boeing simulator, training will include:

  • Low energy states/stalls
  • Upset recovery techniques
  • Adverse weather conditions, including icing, thunderstorms, and crosswinds with gusts


Training facilities for the ATP CTP are located near Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) at ATP Jets. ATP will coordinate transportation and housing. These expenses are included in the cost of your fixed-cost Airline Career Pilot Program and ATP will pay for airfare and housing, or reimburse you for fuel if driving.

Learn more about required time away from your primary training center.

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