ATP Flight School

Aircraft Dispatcher Training Reviews

Tyler Redmond Aircraft Dispatcher Program Graduate

“I just wanted to thank you and ATP again for helping start my career in the aviation industry.

I am proud to announce that I am currently a Dispatcher for CommutAir up in North Olmsted, OH. I've been with them since Nov 2nd and couldn't be happier. I also noticed on our company e-mail that we are partnering with ATP in order to hire new pilots and get them in the fast-track program all the way up to our mainline company - United Airlines.

I'm sure I will meet new pilots and dispatchers from ATP and it is nice to see my company partner with the company that allowed me a job here in the first place.

Thanks again for everything.”

Tyler Redmond
 Aircraft Dispatcher Program Graduate

Bradley Reed Aircraft Dispatcher Program Graduate

“Lou [Lou Dimaggio, ATP Instructor] was absolutely fantastic! He truly seemed to care about our success and was great at sensing when we were not understanding or not ready to move on. He made the classes enjoyable with his great sense of humor and excellent knowledge of both aircraft dispatching and piloting. He is an excellent asset to ATP! Thanks!

Truly a great experience! Loved the school and the staff. We will be sending more students to you in the future. Keep up the good work!”

Bradley Reed
 Aircraft Dispatcher Program Graduate

Tyler Redmond Aircraft Dispatcher Program Graduate

“Lou [Lou DiMaggio, ATP Instructor] was extremely knowledgeable and friendly throughout the duration of the course. He always offered extra help both in-class and privately if we needed it. Honestly, the whole team [Dallas-Fort Worth - ATP Jet Simulation Training Center] was outstanding and I would highly recommend anyone to get their instruction there.”

Tyler Redmond
 Aircraft Dispatcher Program Graduate

Jacqueline Mergan Aircraft Dispatcher Program Graduate

“Ed Gedney [ATP Instructor] was an awesome instructor. I knew I came to the right place. He was so thorough I had no problem comprehending the course material. I also had Rob Schlueter [ATP Instructor] as an instructor for the first week and he did a great job as well. I could tell they both had a gift for teaching. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your school to anyone looking for training in the aviation industry.”

Jacqueline Mergan
 Aircraft Dispatcher Program Graduate

Liliana Karina Lopez-Montoya Aircraft Dispatcher Program Graduate

“Very impressed with everyone's warm welcoming. The school is very clean and loved the cozy living room… Overall, I am beyond pleased with all the available resources and the school's flexibility to help me succeed. Will definitely recommend it!!!”

Liliana Karina Lopez-Montoya
 Aircraft Dispatcher Program Graduate

Yeimi Palermo-Garcia Aircraft Dispatcher Program Graduate

“I just completed the Adx program this Wednesday.

I am currently a flight attendant with United based out of EWR. I wanted to express my gratitude for the schools flexibility when I had to return to work with just six days left in the program.

Most importantly, to recognize Lou [Lou DiMaggio, ATP Dispatch Instructor] who's professionalism and passion for teaching made a lasting impression. You have a true gem with him as your core instructor!”

Yeimi Palermo-Garcia
 Aircraft Dispatcher Program Graduate

Brandon Steklachick Aircraft Dispatcher Program Graduate

“Good instructor [Chris Medrano, ATP Instructor] with good knowledge on the course material and real world experiences. Chis was able to sync both the class to actual events that was happening with the day to day, i.e. weather, etc. This made the course more enjoyable.”

Brandon Steklachick
 Aircraft Dispatcher Program Graduate

Silvanos Gwarinda Aircraft Dispatcher Program Graduate

“A very experienced and knowledgeable aviation professional [Ed Gedney, ATP Instructor]. He has a passion for sharing his knowledge with the students. He created time for students struggling with their course. He encouraged every student to raise a red flag - should we need any further explanations on the subject matter. He was very systematic in his approach to the whole program.”

Silvanos Gwarinda
 Aircraft Dispatcher Program Graduate

Gregory Wells Aircraft Dispatcher Program Graduate

“Chris [Chris Medrano, ATP Instructor] was an awesome instructor and helped get me motivated towards each phase of the class, written and practical tests. Chris said he attended the same school only one year earlier and is now an instructor there, he does an awesome job making sure that everyone is understanding the material being covered for that day with humor thrown into the mix to help breakup some of the dry material…

I attended this school from a referral from a prior student and am very happy with my experience attending this school and have already mentioned this class to other American Airlines employees… ATP is an established name and I am very glad that I attended the school and was in the end successful in getting my license.

Thank you!”

Gregory Wells
 American Airlines Crew Scheduler & Aircraft Dispatcher Program Graduate