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International Students Aircraft Dispatcher Training Program

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International students must have a M-1 visa to attend ATP's Aircraft Dispatcher Training Program.


International students who require a student visa, will complete a Student Visa Application Form. Upon accepting you as a student and receiving the initial program payment, you will receive an I-20 to take to the United States Embassy to apply for an M-1 visa.

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  • English Proficient
  • 21 Years of Age (see below)

Age Requirement

Per FAA regulations, the minimum age to be issued an aircraft dispatcher certificate is 23 year old. However, those not younger than 21 years of age may enroll in the Aircraft Dispatcher Training Program and take the FAA aircraft dispatcher practical exam. Upon successful completion of both, the applicant will be issued the aircraft dispatcher certificate after his or her 23rd birthday.

Program Deposit

To schedule your 200 Hour Initial Aircraft Dispatcher Training Course, first complete a Student Visa Application Form and make a $1,600 USD payment as follows:

  • $600 USD non-refundable application fee.
  • $1000 USD first payment to reserve your class date. This payment applies to the course price.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

ATP will retain the $600 non-refundable application fee. In addition, ATP will retain the $1000 first payment for any program cancellation (unless cancellation is due to U.S Embassy denial of the M-1 visa).


When you are ready to select a class date and submit your application for processing, please call ATP International Admissions at 1-904-595-7950.

Already passed your ADX knowledge test?

You may be eligible for our reduced-cost Credit for Previous Experience (CPE) Dispatcher Course. Please call 1-904-595-7950 to review your eligibility.

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  • English Proficient
  • 21 Years of Age (see below)
  • FAA Aircraft Dispatcher Exam (ADX) Completed
  • Specific Qualifying Aviation Experience (see below)

Specific Qualifying Aviation Experience

The 200 Hour CPE Credit for Previous Experience (CPE) dispatcher course is provided to individuals with specific qualifying aviation experience. To qualify, we must evaluate your aviation experience.

Email us a resume listing your education, aviation training, aviation certificates and ratings, jobs, specific duties, positions of the persons to whom you reported, and the length and recency of your experience to: [email protected].