Republic Airlines First Officer Interview Prep Program

$1,495 / 1 Day

Republic Airlines has been offering $5,000 signing bonuses to pilot applicants who successfully pass new hire training and indoc. Help secure your $5,000 signing bonus with ATP’s simulator evaluation prep course—in the actual FTD used by Republic.

The importance of a successful interview cannot be overemphasized. If you are seeking or are scheduled for an interview with Republic, prepare for success with this program. If you have never flown a glass cockpit with FMS, or have a lack of proficiency, we recommend our more thorough Regional Jet Standards Certification programs.

Course Outline

8:00am: Introductions & Company (RAH) Overview

9:00am: Break

9:15am: Simulator Familiarization

10:15am: Break

10:30am: Interview Questions

12:00pm: Lunch

1:00pm: Sim Profiles

3:00pm: Break

3:15pm: Airline Training Overview

3:45pm: Mock Interview & Sim Ride

Cost & Payment

To reserve a training date, ATP requires that you place a non-refundable deposit of $495, at which time the training material will be sent to you to begin preparation for the Interview Prep Program. Payment of the balance will be made at the flight training center when you arrive for training.

Acceptable forms of payment are the following: cash or equivalent (cashier's check, money order, certified check or traveler's checks), Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Personal and company checks are not accepted.

Locations & Class Dates

ATP offers this program in Indianapolis at Republic’s headquarters. You will fly the actual FTD used in the interview sim eval. Republic typically schedules interviews Tuesday thru Friday. ATP prep classes will be scheduled on Mondays.


For availability and convenient scheduling around your interview date, please contact:

Paul Templeton, Regional Jet Program Director
904-273-3018 x292 or [email protected]