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ATP Regional Jet Training

The leading regional airlines are hiring. Get the competitive edge with ATP’s Regional Jet Programs and qualify for preferential hiring minimums and training that sets you apart from your peers.

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RJ Programs Compared

4-Day Orientation 7-Day Certification
CRJ-200 FTD Experience 12 hours 24 hours
Training Center Locations DFW, JAX, PHX DFW, JAX, PHX
Regional Jet Training Manual
CRJ-200 Cockpit Poster for Practicing Flows
Normal Procedures, Flows & Profiles
Emergency Procedures, Flows & Profiles
Ground School
Jets 101 - Intro to Jet Systems and Turbine Engines
Internet-Based Training CRJ-200 Systems Ground School
Classroom-Based CRJ-200 Systems Ground School
Sim Session
Practice CRM Using Airline-Style Callouts
Practice Using EFIS, EICAS, Autopilot & FMS Programming
Practice Normal Procedures, Flows & Profiles
Practice Emergency Procedures, Flows & Profiles
Airline Placement
Reduced Hiring Minimums
Free Refresher Program within 1 Year of Completion
Interview Prep including Part 121 Regulations Review & CD
PilotPool Airline Recruiting Tool
Advanced Ranking on



RJ Training

ATP’s Regional Jet Programs prepare you for airline interviews and airline training. The courses use the CRJ-200 as the base aircraft, but you will learn principles common to many modern jet and turbo prop airliners such as Bombardier and Embraer Regional Jets. Your Regional Jet program will give you the competitive edge with reduced hiring minimums and increased visibility to airline recruiters on

Airline Endorsed

“ATP's Regional Jet training program is a grueling airline preparation program that introduces general aviation-trained pilots to the rigors and pace of airline training. This reduces stress and improves performance in airline new-hire training”

Captain Jim Winkley
VP Flight Operations,
Envoy Air

For more information, please contact the RJ Training Department at 800-ALL-ATPS (800-255-2877).

Highly-Qualified Instructors

Regional airline pilots teach all classroom-style ground school and FTD sessions. They bring you real-world experience from flying the line in modern regional airliners. As a pilot in the Regional Jet programs, you will greatly benefit from the teaching, mentoring, and networking opportunities provided by ATP's RJ instructors.

“Because the RJ instructors are current regional and major airline pilots, they brought some insight into what was expected once we got here, both in classroom and sim, and out on the line.”

Cody Weeks
HIRED: Envoy Air


With ATP’s regional jet training, airlines recognize that you are a professional aviator, capable of passing strenuous airline training. Ask any pilot who has completed ATP’s regional jet training, and you will hear that it reduced stress and improved performance in airline ground school.

Commercial Pilots ready to start an airline career can now receive advanced jet training and enhance their ability to achieve their overall goals. The Regional Jet Programs introduce pilots to swept wing jet aircraft flying, systems, and navigation in order to prepare pilots for fast paced airline training.

Required Items

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